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Woolrich Woolen Mills

Published: Thu Jan 01 1970

Launched in ’06 to pay respect to over 180 years’ worth of Woolrich-wares, Woolen Mills is now designed by ivy-impresario Mark McNairy. Famous for animal prints, red-brick soles and being an all-round wild-card, ol’ McNasty has been heavily lurking in the Woolrich archives and, we’ll hand it to the guy, has came up with some right gems.

Not surprisingly for a brand called Woolrich, the wonder-winter-warmer known as wool has played a fairly big part in its history, so it’s nice to see ol’ McNasty dusting off some of the good stuff for the Woolrich Woolen Mills Boone Parka. Made from a fair few sheeps-worth of wool this isn’t just for hunting down 12 pointer stags, and is the perfect bit of gear for England’s bitter winters.

Another one for the wool fans, the Orvis Shirt (Not to be confused with Keith Harris’s squeaky-toned mate) is a proper-warm shirt with a pocket count that would put Tim Taylor’s tool-belt to shame.

If you’re going to be partaking in leisure activities, then you’ll no doubt be after a good pair of leisure based leg-wear, and as luck would have it, the Woolrich Woolen Mills Leisure Pants are just that. Designed by undisputed step-up champion Mark McNairy, the Leisure Pants are a ultra-warm pair of polyester fleece joggers with an array of pockets and the all-important elasticated cuffs.

But this is just the tip of the wooly ice-berg, view all the latest garb from Woolrich Woolen Mills here