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Golden Bear Jackets

Published: Thu Aug 23 2012

Rising out of the fog of San Francisco in 1922, Golden Bear (named after California’s ‘state animal’) started out making hard-wearing jackets for the salty characters of the San Fran docks, who needed tough jackets that would last when they were lugging around massive crates on their backs. But it weren’t long before word got out about the top-notch quality of Golden Bear jackets, and they were quickly snatched up by both fighter pilots and US college good-guys alike.

Still a family business operating from San Francisco, Golden Bear are renowned for tough jackets that will last a fair few lifetimes, and are the sort of thing that can be passed down (slightly begrudgingly) to your grandchildren (maybe with a pocket full of Werther’s Originals if you’re feeling sentimental). It’s not that uncommon to see Golden Bear leather jackets from as long ago as the 1940s still in exemplary condition, which goes to show how strong these things are. In case the testimonials of fighter pilots and scholarship students hasn’t sold you, Golden Bear have also made jackets for none other than Engineered Garments, so if they’re good enough for Daiki Suzuki…

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