Oi Polloi

Engineered Garments Autumn/Winter Overload

Published: Wed Aug 22 2012

Make sure you’re sat down, and be prepared to spit out that tea in shock — ‘cause we’ve just received a fair amount of fresh Daiki-designs from Engineered Garments. For those unfamiliar, Engineered Garments is a New York brand started by vintage-clothes-hoarder extraordinaire Daiki Suzuki in 1999. Whilst they may be influenced by the exciting world of work-wear, military garb and fine tailoring, Engineered Garments aren’t stuck in the past, and although many of the pieces may be based around old designs, they’ve been dragged kicking and screaming into modern times thanks to Daiki’s super-sharp eye for detail.

And for those who are already converted to the church of Daiki, all the old friends are here — there’s the single-stitched stylings of the 19th Century BD Shirt, a newly-hooded Cruiser Jacket and of course the ever-present Work Shirt. As well as a fine array of shirts and jackets, there’s also a fairly Balboa-esque hoody and a rather majestic sweat-suit (which can be bought separately, if you’re not going for the ‘training to fight Apollo Creed’ look).

All made in North America (the sweats were made in Vancouver by the sweat-wear masters at CYC), to the highest standards known to man, a piece of clothing from Engineered Garments is the sort of thing, like a fine wine or a loving relationship, that only gets better with age.

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