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New Stock Mezze feat. Norse Projects, Our Legacy and more

Published: Fri Aug 10 2012

“The mark of true luxury is not the grand gesture, but the simple things done well.” Who said that? Was it Socrates? Abe Lincoln? Freud? Nope, the answer is of course a Norse Projects swing tag. And if simplicity really is the key, then Norse Projects are pretty much the lords of luxury. The Danes may hate to see it leave, but it sure is a pleasure to see new Norse Projects land up. If you’re after Elka jackets, sharp shirts, chinos or a cosmic sweatshirt, don’t you worry, we’ve got it.

Norse Projects / Elka 4 Pocket / Butter Nut

Norse Projects / Donald Bouclé Crew Sweat / Blue Depth

It wasn’t that long ago that we were singing Our Legacy’s praises, but we’ve just had another batch of the good stuff from them, so excuse us if we go on about them yet again. Fresh from Stockholm this week we’ve got some more of the aptly titled Great Sweats (including a rather nifty reversible number), a smattering of fine shirt-wear and in a possible Oi Polloi first — a suit.

Our Legacy / Great Sweat 50’s / Reversible Burgundy

Designed in the late twenties by tennis grand slammer Rene “The Crocodile” Lacoste, the Lacoste Pique Polo is a firm Oi Polloi favourite. In fact, Oi Polloi was started around the idea of making tie-dye Lacoste Polo’s. Whilst the polo shirts in question never materialised, the truth remains that the Lacoste Polo Shirt is a design classic, and as boss-man Nigel says, “It’s the most iconic men’s casual clothing item of all time.” But he would say that, on last count he had 77 of them. Lacoste isn’t just polo shirts though, they also make some lovely knitwear and a t-shirt that we can’t really do justice without the advent of feel-o-vision.

Lacose / T-Shirt / Nacre/Eclipse

In other news we’ve just had an express delivery from the Italian jacket aficionados at Esemplare in the shape of a Dambusters-esque bomber jacket, some ultra-high-quality knits and a couple of proper-cold-weather jackets. Yep, it may be sunny now, but isn’t failing to prepare, prepairing to fail?

Esemplare / Brayden Jacket / Military Green

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