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A.P.C. — Atelier de Production et de Creation

Published: Tue Aug 07 2012

Contrary to popular belief, A.P.C. doesn’t stand for A Parisian Company, or Absolutely Perfect Clothes, or Andy’s Purple Cardigan for that matter. What it does stand for is Atelier de Production et de Creation. For the non-French speakers in the audience this roughly translates to ‘workshop of production and of creation,’ which all sounds quite nice doesn’t it?

Helmed by an ex-revolutionary by the name of Jean Touitou, A.P.C. are probably one of the brands that can be credited with the dry-denim ‘revolution’ of the last few years thanks to their pared back New Standard, Petit Standard and New Cure jeans. Undeniably French, A.P.C. have what more intellectual sorts might call a “minimalist aesthetic.”

Fresh through the Channel Tunnel this week we’ve got a fair few hefty bits from the Parisian brand. Denim fans, hold on to your turn-ups ‘cause you’ll be pleased to hear there’s a new pair of A.P.C. jeans. Going by the name Petit New Standard, these beauties are somewhere in between the slim Petit Standards and the roomier New Standards. On the subject of legwear we’ve also had a trio of Petit Standard cords which should give you a fairly tasty alternative to the ol’ serge de nimes. There’s also a sweat-wear and shirt-wear aplenty as well as some pretty ace jumpers that’ll have you shouting “zut alors,” “sacrebleu” and pretty much any other French cliché you can think of.

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