Oi Polloi

Oliver Spencer

Published: Fri Aug 03 2012

The Shaman of Shirts, the Menswear Magician, the Alchemist of Attire — whatever you want to call him, Oliver Spencer certainly knows how to design a good garm’. Born in Coventry, but raised in ‘the south of the north’ — Harrogate, it’s no surprise there’s more than a hint of fine tailoring in his clothes. When it comes to the art of shirtsmithery, there aren’t many who can hold a candle to Master Spencer, and this season’s smutterings don’t disappoint — there’s polka dots straight outta Bobby Zimmerman’s fabric swatch collection, creamy hues aplenty and more club collars than an Eton College yearbook. As well as being pretty handy in the design department, it’s probably worth mentioning that Ollie’s not too shabby when it comes to the dull task of coming up with names for the colours of his creations. This time round we’ve been treated to Killington Green, Boddington Cream, and perhaps the best colour name of all time… Minotaur Sky.

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