Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Aug 03 2012

Although we usually try not to get too emotional about ‘craftmanship’ and all that, it’s hard for us not to get a bit excited when a new batch of Quoddy moccasins roll in to town. Made in Maine, USA using some of the tastiest footwear ingredients around, we’ll admit they’re not cheap — but when you think of how much work goes in to them, and how long they’ll last you, they start to look like a bit of a bargain. Arriving fresh on Quoddy Airways this week we’ve got the ever-popular Maliseet Oxford Moccasins (in both crepe and rubber soled varieties), the aptly titled Grizzly Boots, some tasty chocolate Chukka Boots and, carved straight out of the side of a bison — the Tracker Boot.

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