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The End of an Era and New Stock Aplenty

Published: Thu Jul 26 2012

This Sunday at midnight marks the end of era. Yeah, looking back we’ve had a real blast, but we’re afraid to say that our Summer Sale will come to a close. There’s been laughter, there’s been tears, and there’s been a fair amount of ‘crazy reductions’. But this is really it — so if you’re after something, be sure to snaffle it post-haste before it gets placed in the Oi Polloi time capsule. And while you’re at it, make sure you use the code ‘CANTBEBAD’ for an extra 20% off the sale price.

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But anyway, let’s stop livin’ in the past shall we? Universal Works stuff has always been great value for money, but this time round they’ve really stepped it up, offering proper high quality, sharp fitting stuff for much less than you’d expect to pay. Athough we’re currently enjoying some uncharacteristically schorchio weather thanks to the jet stream, it seems Universal Works headmaster David Keyte missed the weather forecast, and has sent over some of his finest winter-wares yet. Whilst you probably won’t want to be wearing bobble hats, autumnal cords and wool jackets whilst you’re scoffing Soleros in your paddling pool, chances are by next week we’ll all be sipping Ovaltine in front of the electric fire anyway, so now’s a good a time as any to start stocking up for the harsh winter ahead. And ‘cause we’ve probably got at least five days left of summer, we’ve also taken stock of a few pocket-shirts which caused a minor sensation when they arrived in OP HQ. But less about that the better…

Universal Works / Pocket Tee / Indigo Jersey

Universal Works / Ferryman Jacket / Navy

Another thing you admittedly probably aren’t crying out for right now is a woollen Armorlux jumper, but you know what? We’re going to peddle them to you anyway. Worn by sheep for years, wool is one of the most effective fabrics there is for staying dry and keeping warm, which is why it’s often the go-to fabric for surly old sea dogs. Having been kitting out fishermen since before fish were even invented, if anyone’s knows how to battle the elements by harnessing the powers of wool, it’s Armor-lux (and of course Saint James, who we also stock). On a slightly sunnier note, Armor-Lux are also world-leaders when it comes to summertime sea-wear, and their Breton striped t-shirts are just the thing for pretending you’re all cultured and that.

Armor-Lux / Button Shoulder Breton Knit / Navy

Armor-Lux / Theviec / Navy/Red

Up next, we’ve got everyone’s favourite leg-wear pairing, Levi’s and Dockers. With Levi’s on the denim duties and Dockers taking care of khaki business, these two both manage to make great fitting and great looking gear at prices that are, for want of a better word, great.

Levi’s / 510 Skinny / Dry

Dockers / Pop Over Oxford Shirt / Wyeth Delft Blue

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