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New Arrivals Update #298 feat. Ralph Lauren, Shuron and Sunspel

Published: Fri Jul 20 2012

When he’s not visiting sick children in hospital, rescuing old women from train crashes and getting puppies out of drains, Mr Ralph Lipschitz aka Ralph Lauren aka Dr Prep somehow still manages to find time to make some sharp clobber. He may be the 173rd richest man in the world, but all that money hasn’t gone to his head, and he’s still making those Ralph classics like the button down shirt, his patented polo shirts and super-tough rugby shirts. And before you say ‘owt, we’re fully aware of the sometimes negative connotations of rugby shirts, but they’re not just for scrums and drinking games, and are pretty handy for climbing, scrambling and pretty much any other sort of ‘outdoor pursuit’ you can think of. In fact as an interesting bit of rugby shirt info, you might be slightly interested to hear that Patagonia started off when boss-man Yvon Chouinard started flogging Umbro rugby shirts he’d found in Scotland to his hiking mates. So now you know eh?

Polo Ralph Lauren / Rugby Shirt / Bright Sienna

Polo Ralph Lauren / Custom Fit BD Shirt / Green Cord

Polo Ralph Lauren / LS Custom Fit Polo Shirt / Purple Heather

Moving on from Ralph’s rugby shirts, let’s talk about eye-wear shall we? When it comes to glasses, there’s not many as recognizable and, dare we say it — iconic, as the Shuron Ronsir Clip-On sunglasses. The spectacles of choice for everyone from Malcolm X to every FBI agent you’ve seen on a film ever, these were biggest selling glasses in the USA in the 50’s and once accounted for more than half of all glasses sold. Manchester in 2012 may be a long way from 1950’s America, but these glasses are still as sharp as ever and you don’t have to be a fighting for human rights or covering up alien landings to pull these beauties off.

Shuron / Ronsir Clip-On / Tortoise/Polarized Brown

In completely unrelated news, we’ve just received some more of the ever-popular Sunspel t-shirts and boxer shorts. Made in England from some proper-comfy Egyptian cotton, these are the undergarm’s of choice for 007, so chances are they’re good enough for you.

Sunspel / Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt / Off White

Sunspel / Two Button Boxer Short / Navy Exclusive

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