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Our Legacy

Published: Tue Jul 10 2012

When most people are seven years old, they’ve only just got the hang of writing ‘joined-up’, they can barely tie their shoelaces and they still accept sweets from strangers. Our Legacy on the other hand have only been around since 2005 and have quickly got themselves quite a reputation, especially when it comes to the yin & yang of torso-wear — shirts and sweats.

Coming from the forward thinking, creative hot-bed of Sweden, Our Legacy cut their teeth printing high-concept designs on plain t-shirts before ditching the screen-printers and developing their own line. As a brand who cite the pineapple-haired scribbler Basquiat and the dad-of-dada, Marcel Duchamp as influences, it’s fair to say Our Legacy are a bit more cerebral than most brands around, and as well as making some damn fine garm’s, have also published a book of short-stories and a few photo-books under the Our Legacy banner.

But we’re not a bookshop, so let’s get back to business shall we? Designed in Sweden but made in Portugal using some luxurious materials (alpaca wool anyone?), Our Legacy gear is famed for its great, relaxed-fit. You’d maybe think a brand that names their sweatshirts ‘Great Sweats’ and their T-shirts, ‘Perfect Tees’ was a bit cocky, but to honest they’re just as good as they say they are. Our Legacy’s shirts aren’t too shabby either, and they’re equally at home crafting pared-back chambray shirts as they are conjuring up an all-over tropical printed statement shirt.

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