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The Oi Polloi Staff Sale Picks

Published: Fri Jul 06 2012

We’ve been going on about our sale for a fair bit now — a few new items added here, a few price reductions there, but you know what? There’s still a fair few bargains lurking on there. Instead of just giving you a dull list of sale items for you to peruse, we thought we’d grill a few of the lesser-seen members of the Oi Polloi goon-squad on what’s caught their eye on the sale rail…

First up to the plate was Lancashire lad and all-round zip-fan Andrew and the glorious Mighty-Mac Aro Turn Jacket. Made with the high seas in mind, there’s no doubting it’s a great jacket, but what about it caught this young go-getter’s attention?
Andrew said, “I like the zip; it’s in my top three zips of all time.”

Next up we’ve got Oi Polloi new fish Jasper with a Universal Works Scout Anorak. But why Jasper?
Jasper said, “We’re in Manchester, so you’ve gotta go with the waterproof fabric.”

Relocated Macc-lad Joe lumped for the wonder-powers of linen with the Howlin’ Archibald Linen Knit, but when asked why, was perhaps a little more minimal then we hoped.
Joe said, “I like the colour.”

Oi Polloi isn’t all beards you know, and there’s a fair-few more femme-friendly pieces in the sale amongst the four-pocket parkas and Red Wing boots. Katie, one quarter of the rowdy dispatch team, went with the Woolrich Woolen Mills Cargo Bag.
Katie said, “It’s a man’s world, but at least I can put all my womanly items in this bag.”

On the subject of the dispatch team, parcel-shaman Nick stayed true to his roots and chose the Eastland Seneca 5 Eye Mocc Boots.
Nick said, “I’m half Native-American, so it’s in my heritage.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Nigel went with the classic Lacoste Polo.
Nigel said, “It’s the most iconic men’s casual clothing item of all time, the Levi’s 501 is the only one with more history, but the Levi’s 501 only comes in one colour. The Lacoste polo comes in 5000, I’ve only got 77 but I’m getting there.”

Oi Polloi’s proud Swede and Chocolate-bar connoisseur Rougén took time-out from discussing the merits of a Picnic bar to choose some crisp white Sperrys.
Rougén said, “The original Ivy League shoe, what better?”

After suffering from terrifying facial disfigurement after an accident on his Segway, Sam is understandably still shy in front of the camera, but he still managed to pick this rather nice Levi’s Vintage shirt.
Sam said, “Two sleeves, a collar, a few buttons, what more do you want?”

Serial-clothes-purchaser Seb went for the James Dean meets Michael Jackson stylings of the A.P.C. Blouson Jacket.
Seb said, “I’ve just bought one myself. It’s a great lightweight summer jacket… if we ever get a summer.”

Finally we’ve got Oi Polloi’s bronzed Adonis — Tom, who picked out the Beams Plus CWU Reversible Jacket.
Tom said, “Two jackets for the price of one, can’t argue with that.”

And do you know what? You can’t argue with that. So get yourself over to our sale section and snap up a steal.

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