Oi Polloi

Oi Polloi Through the Eyes of a Fifteen Year Old

Published: Fri Jun 29 2012

Those of you in the audience who are still young enough to remember doing work experience will no doubt remember a glorious week of standing around, making the occasional cup of tea and maybe being told to fetch brass magnets and sky hooks. This week we’ve been joined by the fifteen year old David, who’s taking a break from the rigours of schoolwork to give us a hand around OP HQ. Being the keen marketers that we are, we thought we’d get an insight into his mind to help us break in to the teen market. Here are a few key observations from David that should hopefully keep you cool in school and avoid some clothes-related beat-downs.

Item No.1 – Birkenstock Arizonas

What we said – “Whether worn as a house-shoe or out and about, Birkenstocks are the quintessential comfort / style classic.”
What he said – “Suede sandals? I don’t even know what they were thinking.”

Item No.2 – Woolrich Woolen Mills Papa Vest

What we said – “Featuring a pocket count well into double figures, the Woolrich Woolen Mills Papa Vest is ideal for the hoarder’s day out.”
What he said – “That’s daft, don’t know how to describe it, just daft, I’ve never needed 11 pockets.”

Item No.3 – Monitaly Vacation Shirt

What we said – “The Vacation Shirt from Monitaly is a nice and laid back button up affair that’s perfect for your holidays.”
What he said – “Summat I’d expect my granddad to wear, if anything I’d get bullied. Imagine if I went around Cheetham Hill in that?"

Fair comment. But it’s not all negatives, with Vans shoes, stripy Ralph tees and a denim Sunny Sports shirt all getting the thumbs up.