Oi Polloi

Plight of the Hunter — An Andy Votel Mixtape

Published: Thu Jun 21 2012

The year is 2002. With the Millennium bug a distant memory, four starry eyed hopefuls set out on a road-trip through Europe in search of elusive comfort shoes and sonic-obscurities. But this wasn’t just your regular euro-break; this was the trip that set the Oi Polloi wheels in motion. Ten years down the line, Andy Votel, the hunter/gatherer behind the Finders Keepers label and one quarter of the aforementioned band of intrepid adventurers, invites you on a musical odyssey from Timperley rockers to the krautest of kraut-rock. Recorded on some lovely orange tape and hand-stamped in our very head-quarters, this is a much-needed addition to your burgeoning tape collection. And don’t worry if you’re too young to know the pains of tape reel mishaps, there’s also a handy download code included.

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