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Hemp, Denim and the Beautiful Game

Published: Thu Jun 14 2012

For a long time hemp has been in the shadow of its stinky psychoactive sibling, but let’s be honest, no matter how much of a ‘smooth high’ you get from a crusty block of resin your brother hustled from some lad he works with, you can’t make a t-shirt out of it. Hemp on the other hand has been touted as a plant that could change the world, and even stop world hunger. But we don’t care about that. Nope, it’s these great t-shirts from Jungmaven that really sell hemp for us. Made in the USA by Seattle hemp activist Robert Jungman, these T-shirts, in particular the Batik printed beauties, manage to embody a world of 1967 San-Fran clichés all in one easy-to-wear garment.

Jungmaven | 6.2 oz Batik Print Tee | Navy

Jungmaven | 6.2 oz Tie Dye Stripe Tee | Red

As the song goes, “Big E, Big E, Big E, can’t you see, sometimes your 14oz selvage jeans just hypnotize me.” Yep, Big E certainly know how to make a solid pair of jeans. They’re made in England on the sort of old fashioned equipment small Victorian boys used to get their arms caught in, so you know they’re good. We’ve just had a restock of their slim fitting Elvis jeans and their classic fitting Eli’s, all made from some lovely 14oz red selvage denim. And because nothing says hard-graft and workwear like heavy industry, there’s even a lovely bit of Golden Gate Bridge inspired stitching on the back pocket.

Big E | Elvis Slim Fit | 14oz Dry Selvage Denim

On a slightly different note, with England currently duking it out at the Euro’s, how about reliving England’s poor Mexico 70 World Cup Quarter Final knockout with these stitch-for-stitch replica shirts from Umbro. Although we can’t remember Charlton and the lads playing in a lovely subtle pink hue, these shirts from local lads Umbro are a nice change from the usual footy tops around.

Umbro | 1970 Jersey | Blue

Umbro | 1970 Jersey | Pink

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