Oi Polloi

Oi Polloi at the Sea-Side

Published: Thu May 31 2012

Ignore the fact it’s lashing it down outside, sooner or later the weather’s going to pick up again, and you know what you’ll want to do then? Yeah, head to the beach. So whether it’s Morecambe Bay or the Bay of Biscay, here are a few things we’ve thrown together for your trip to the beach. Don’t get the wrong idea here, we’re not trying to dress you, we’re not your mum, we just thought we’d throw a few ideas out there. Imagine Beswick’s most wanted spending his summers off the radar on the Italian coast and you’re not far off, we’re calling it Beswick Banyo Boy.

First things first no matter how few clouds there are in the sky it’s never as warm as you think it’s going to be on the beach, and half the time it’s blowing a gale like something out of ‘Holidays from Hell: My Hurricane Nightmare’. So you’re going to need a jacket, something like this proper lightweight pac-a-mac 2.0 from the jacket-magicians at Stone Island perhaps? 

Stone Island / Packable Overhead Jacket / Pistachio

Next up, swimming shorts — those cut-off off jeans aren’t going to cut the mustard when it comes to water-borne hijinks, and they’ll probably take a few months to dry off, so a decent lightweight pair of shorts, preferably with that funny little net thing to keep everything in check like these super-slick Saville-Row-esque ones from Orlebar Brown, are the order of the day.

Orlebar Brown / Bulldog Swimshort / Sahara Sand

A half decent bag is also pretty important if you’re not partial to the odd sand-sarnie, and what better bag for beach-action than one of these 100% sealed beauties from Watershed that’ll keep the sand out no problem, and if you end up doing an accidental re-enactment of an episode of 999 Lifesavers, will double up as a rather stylish buoyancy aid. Throw in some Birkenstocks, a five panel from the New York Hat Co. and a crispReigning Champ t-shirt for good measure and you’re on to a winner.

Watershed / Big Creek / Green

Birkenstock / Arizona / Dark Blue

New York Hat Co. / 5 Panel Hat / White Ripstop Cotton

Reigning Champ / Contrast Yoke T-Shirt / Grey

Ray-Ban / Signet / Gold

We’re not going to leave you high and dry in a pair of sandals and some swimming shorts, we’ve also sussed out a bit of après beach wear for when the sun goes down and the grappa is flowing. A crisp pair of Superga pumps, a Lacoste polo, a Universal Works sweater and some slim shorts courtesy of King Ralph and you’re sorted. So there you go, a few pointers that should mean you don’t end up looking like Larry David at the beach (which to be honest, isn’t a bad look either), and if the rain doesn’t stop, don’t worry… we’ve just had a restock of K-Ways.

Supega / 2750 Cotu Classic / White

Lacoste / Pique Polo / Navy

Universal Works / Reverse Sweat / Grey Marl Loopback

Polo Ralph Lauren / Vintage Varsity Short / White

Calabrese / Nerano Wallet / Sage Suede

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