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Watershed Dry-Bags

Published: Wed May 09 2012

The story of Watershed bags takes place in the forward-thinking days of the early 1980’s when anything seemed possible and fantasies were one small step from becoming realities. Sat at the riverbank, drying off damp clothes over a camping stove, a group of like-minded canoeing guides started to think about how they could make dry bags that would actually keep their stuff dry. As the sun slowly descended, flasks of wine were drunk and the discussion was knocked back and forth, they finally came up with the ground-works for their dry-bags.

The first thing to consider was the closure, ignoring such mainstays as the humble button or Velcro, they looked to the sandwich world for inspiration. Remembering how their butties were kept fresh in a freezer bag they beefed up the classic hooked zip mechanism, gave it the snappy name – ZipDry, and then applied it to their bags. As the next suspect for leaking bags is usually the seams, our protagonists decided they may as well not mess around, and instead of just using a sewing machine, welded the seams together using none other than radio waves. Fabric-wise, our lads settled for nothing less than polyurethane coated nylon, an ultra-durable, non-toxic and proper-flexible super-fabric. And just like that, the Watershed dry-bag was born.

Used by such wet-weather warriors as kayakers and the US military, Watershed bags are fully watertight, making them ideal for cycling or carrying important, fragile documents in the rain, and as an added bonus, due to their watertight nature, you can use them to transport liquids around too, making them perfect for taking your goldfish for a walk.

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