Oi Polloi

Jacoform and Finn Comfort

Published: Wed May 02 2012

After much speculation and Chinese whispers, Oi Polloi are proud to announce one of the most talked about comebacks of the last few years… nope, Mozza and Marr haven’t kissed and made up, it’s only the return of everyone and their auntie’s favourite European foot-wear brands, Finn Comfort and Jacoform.

Designed by Danish footwear maestro Professor Jorgen Keller, Jacoform shoes transfer the relaxing feeling of walking on a sandy beach into everyday life. Made with a wider toe area and a flexible sole, not only are they comfier then putting your feet in a bag of feathers, but they’ve even been known to ease back-pains and migraines. Like such classics as the Kanken backpack or Levi’s 505 jeans, the uncompromising Jacoform moccasin design has stayed pretty much the same since its inception in the 60’s, and like they say, if it ain’t broke…

Jacoform / Model 336 / Brown Leather

Jacoform / Model 333 / Blue Nubuck

Jacoform / Model 232 / Sand Nubuck

Similar, but different, Finn Comfort shoes are still made in the same small Bavarian village as when they first started all those years back in 1945. Using their trademark orthopaedic foot beds and some top notch materials like natural cork and organic suede, they’ve been known to correct posture and sort out even the most ape-like of Manc swaggers. As well as this, they also manage to not look half bad either, providing you’re in to the acid rambler look, and let’s be honest, who isn’t?

Finn Comfort / Vaasa / Coffee Full Grain

Finn Comfort / Baden / Tan Nubuck