Oi Polloi

Denim Competitions - The Winners Circle

Published: Wed May 02 2012

After a month of entries from all corners of the world, we can now finally announce the winners of the much-talked-about, world-famous, award-winning Oi Polloi Denim Competitions.

On Facebook things were fairly straight-forward as it was just a simple name out of a hat affair. When push came to shove and the hand was plunged into the distressed-denim cap, luck shone on Alex Catt, so congratulations Alex, the denim of your heart’s desire shall be heading your way soon.

On twitter things were more difficult; so we enlisted an esteemed denim jury to pick their five favourites. As the clock ticked, brows were mopped and friendships tested, the jury finally came up with five pairs of jeans that they felt had tasteful wear and each displayed the powers of worn-in denim in their own unique way. Yep, people may whinge that certain jeans ‘had a more developed patina’ than others, but the jury’s decision is final, so stop your moaning.

Anyway, here are the winners, congratulations to the lucky ones, and to the losers, we’re sorry, your jeans probably weren’t that great anyway…

Robertus’s Albams

Daniel’s A.P.C. New Standards

Jason’s Edwin ED-39s

Thomas’s Levi’s Vintage 501s

Nick’s Nudie Thin Finns