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Post O'Alls, Lightning Bolt and Acid Ramblin' Backpacks

Published: Fri Apr 27 2012

There’s not many out there who know more about the sweat-stained, rough ‘n tumble world of work-wear than NYC clothes-hoarder/designer Takeshi Ohfuchi from Post O’Alls. The owner of an extensive collection, with more railroad jackets than a chain-gang’s laundry basket, if anyone knows how to make tough jacket that should hold up to long days grafting in the fields, building the Transcontinental Railroad or just enthusiastically crunching numbers in the office, it’s him. From Post O’Alls this week we’ve got some nice and tough cruzer jackets and two Oi Polloi favourites are joined together in harmony to create the chambray parka.

Post O’Alls / Cruiser 5W Jacket / Dark Khaki Pima Poplin

Post O’Alls / Sea Cruz Parka / Indigo Chambray

A new brand for the shop, but one that’s been plying their trade since all the way back in 1973, is Lightning Bolt. Started by Hawaiian surfer, Pipeline master and one-time Conan the Barbarian star Gerry Lopez, Lightning Bolt make some of the most coveted surfboards around. But more importantly for us land-lubbers, they also know a thing or two about making some top notch summer t-shirts and bomber jackets as well. With some great colours and a great price, Lightning Bolt is just the thing to wear when you’re flapping around in the water evading sharks and/or cramp.

Lightning Bolt / Lightning Stripe T / Egret

Lightning Bolt / Barracuda Jacket / Honey

With all this rain set to turn Manchester in to a greyer version of Venice, now’s as good a time as any to take heed of Ol’ Blue Eyes and pack up and fly away. If you are lucky enough to be jetting off in search of the sun, Monitaly have got you covered. Coming from the same chap behind Yuketen, Monitaly make ace t-shirts, but what really caught our eye was their Vacation Shirt — a proper laid-back button-down affair that’s perfect for your holidays, but to be honest, the prints on these are so good we’ll permit you to wear them even when you aren’t on your jollies.

Monitaly / Vacation Shirt / Print Natural Pine

And that ain’t all folks, we’ve also got some top-class knits from Svennson, the return of Jacoform and Finn Comfort (more on that soon), some sharp sneakers from Nike, the contemporary Sherpa’s rucksack of choice from Jansport and if anyone’s planning on heading up The Holy Mountain, we’ve got some acid ramblin’ backpacks from Epperson Mountaineering.

Svensson / Very Heavy Waffle Knit / Blue

Jacoform / Model 336 / Brown Leather

Finn Comfor / Vaasa / Coffee Full Grain Leather

JanSport Heritage / Pleasanton / Green Machine

Epperson Mountaineering / Large Climb Pack / Clay/Ruby

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