Oi Polloi

The Hudson River Project

Published: Mon Apr 16 2012

It’s every man’s dream — build a boat out of New York debris, take it to the source of the Hudson River, a nice sounding place called Lake Tear of the Clouds to be specific, and then row it back down again. Well, for adventurer and advanced-facial-hair wielder James Bowthorpe, this dream is set to come a reality in a new film made by none other than Oi Polloi affiliate/photographer/film maker Anthony Crook, featuring a soundtrack by everyone’s favourite emotive Scottish rockers, Mogwai. Have a gander at the trailer below.

The film, cleverly named The Hudson River Project, is currently in development, and thanks to nifty money-pledging website Kickstarter.com, you too can be part of the fun, in fact, for a pledge of 10,000 American dollars, you can even be named executive producer.

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