Oi Polloi

Pica-Post No.3 SS·MMXII

Published: Mon Mar 19 2012

Here it is — Pica-Post No.3 SS·MMXII…

Like any good sequel it’s bigger, brasher and cost loads more to make than the predecessors, but hopefully you’ll agree that, unlike most sequels, it’s a lot better too.

See what you think — you can read it by clicking the link below. If you’d like a print copy you can order one here.

Let us know what you reckon: smoke signals, inky postcards or @oipolloi mentions all appreciated.

P.S. — Despite the hunting theme that runs throughout this issue, no animals were harmed in the making of Pica-Post No.3 SS·MMXII (the fish were already dead — shhh).