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Ralph Lauren by Ralph Lauren

Published: Wed Jan 25 2012

That title might sound a bit like an expensive perfume or aftershave — but don’t worry, we’ve not expanded into smellies. It’s actually a rather ace looking book we’ve come across. Not content with sewing up the menswear world, Ralph Lauren has gone and written a book too.

The Prep-meister General… The Outdoors Overlord… King of the Cowboys… Ralph manages to represent most of our favourite yankee styles. Really, we don’t need to tell you what a huge influence the man has had, in taking Americana to the masses.

Featuring more than 900 colour and black and white images, spread across almost 500 pages, this is the definitive record of the artist formerly known as Ralph Rueben Lifschitz. One for the bookshelf we think.

Published by Rizzoli New York, you can get a copy from the usual places.

Lo-lifers take note: we’ve just had a new delivery of new season stock.

PS: socks and sandals haters take note — Ralph knows the deal. Aran knit wrapped around each foot? Sorted.