Oi Polloi

Not 'wacky' or 'zany' but 'crazy'…

Published: Thu Nov 10 2011

We’ve had another busy week here at Oi Polloi with loads of top new stuff going live. Don’t know about where you are but the temperature has definitely dropped down a bit in these parts. In addition, Christmas is coming and how many paydays do you have left before you start to panic? Better to plan ahead and stock up early than find yourself sharpening your elbows and braving the hellish last minute high street. Think on.

Still time to treat yourself too. This week we’ve got a mad mix of stuff, so mad that one of the jackets comes in a colour described as ‘crazy’. Not wacky, or zany but ‘crazy’. How great is that? It’s from a new brand for us called Manastash which if you say it slowly is pretty topical given the current Movember thing. A good cause and a jacket to match. Check em out.

There are also new arrivals from Norse Projects, Penfield, Superga and Gloverall plus re-ups from Fjall and Albam. And loads more we’ve forgotten about.

We’re still doing free shipping on orders over £50, plus the Facebook competition runs for a good while yet. The prize is £200 to spend on Folk gear. Nice early Christmas present for someone.