Oi Polloi

Pea Soup and 70s Steez

Published: Tue Nov 08 2011

It’s early November and that means dogs cowering behind sofas and the morning fog is thicker than pea soup. Bonfire Night may be gone for another year but the clocks went back recently and the nights are drawing in. It can only mean one thing… time to get the winter wardrobe sorted.

We’ve got plenty of jackets for you to choose from now, with the focus this week being on a top collaboration between Nigel and Eddie. That’s Cabourn and Bauer. It puts us in mind of a few late 70s/early 80s films set in places like New York and Philadelphia. Or maybe Seattle, the birthplace of the Bauer brand.

The recurring theme this is once again America meets Japan. They might have been sworn enemies when your Gran was a kid but these days it's all love. Sunny Sports is a perfect example of that. Their CPO shirt (Chief Petty Officer in case you were wondering) is a thick, naval inspired overshirt. We have one in the traditional navy but the other takes ingredients from a whole different area of Americana. The Native pattern should be ill-at-ease with the anchor embossed buttons but it works brilliantly, check it out.

Also on our hitlist this week is Fil Melange, a t-shirt and sweatshirt brand with the curious motto "Soft and comfort ever!!". Quite a boast. We've only got strictly limited numbers of these, once they're gone, they're gone.

And finally, there's just enough time to mention we're running another facemither comp to win £200 worth of goodies from Folk. And also, best of all perhaps is we're doing free worldwide shipping on all orders over £50.