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Sierra Designs - From the Archive

Published: Wed Oct 19 2011

Nope, that’s not Deirdre Barlow and Bobby Ball, it’s a couple of intrepid 1970’s campers sporting their finest Sierra Designs outerwear.

Sierra Designs lay strong claim to being the originators of the 60/40 parka, having first coined the phrase in the late 60’s. And yet in all that time, we reckon they’ve never been officially available in the UK, at least through normal channels. Typically, the Japanese outdoor enthusiasts have been onto the brand for some time but unless you were willing to hop on a plane or pay silly money they were out of reach to the likes of you and us.

Well, until now that is.

We’ve managed to get hold of a nice mix of their best styles, including their iconic 60/40 parka in the best three colours.

We’re not the only ones who buzz off this kind of thing though. When our friends at Native Craftworks got wind that we were stocking the brand exclusively in the UK, they sent us these scan-tastic images from various Sierra Designs catalogues from the early 1970’s.