Oi Polloi

Mr Trickett wears Beams Plus

Published: Wed Oct 19 2011

Beams originally set up as a small store in Harajuku, Tokyo in 1976. Having branched out into many fields beyond clothing, such as cafes, interior design, music and art they launched the Beams Plus range in 1999.

Taking influence from all the best aspects of Americana they make some of the best stuff we’ve ever seen at Oi Polloi. With that in mind we thought we’d give it the Deck Out treatment. Mr Trickett models outfits chosen by John Studley and snapped by Ray Chan.

Split Mountain Parka
Topped off nicely with some LVC

Cotton Bomber in Navy
Also available in Light Khaki

BD Oxford in Blue
Also available in Grey

Shetland Cable Cardigan in Purple
Also available in Brown

Japanese 5 Pocket Stretch Cord in Dark Beige
Also available in Navy

Puffed Hooded Vest in Olive
Also available in Navy.