Oi Polloi

Cool in the Movies 2

Published: Fri Oct 14 2011

The Deer Hunter, what can you say about the scenes which gave this film its title that haven’t been said before? A lot really.

Bobby De Niro plays Mike in Michael Cimino’s 1978 epic, ever so slightly excessive and disturbing tale of a futile war and lost friendship.

As three blue collar workers have their minds shattered for eternity during the Vietnam war, they first find peace out in the open, in Washington’s North Cascades National Park for a days shooting. Straight from a wedding, hungover and in tuxedos we see our man Mike transform himself into classic hunting steez. The rugged man’s man, in his down vest, chamois shirt, canvas trousers, classic Sierra Designs 60/40 mountain parka, the cut-off gloves, heavy boots and wool hat with optional whiskers. 

You’ll see a lot of this this winter again I bet, and why not?

Next up, Gene Hackman as Max Milian the hard drinking, hard shagging, hard bastard from 1973’s lost classic Scarecrow directed by Jerry Schatzberg.

Playing a vagabond, he buddies up with Lion (Al Pacino). The pair of them are true drifters and their aim is to get across country to Pittsburgh to open a car wash. Cold blooded, he wears more layers than a polar explorer and doesn’t leave the sleeping bag unless he has seven shirts on.

He’s a scruffy get to most, but take a closer look, each garment tells it’s own story, the college cardigan, the tweed jacket, Hawaiian shirt and railroad jacket, it’s like an early look-book for Double RL.