Oi Polloi

Svensson Knitwear

Published: Tue Sep 13 2011

It’s that time of year again, the time to dig around in the wardrobe and see if the moths have shown mercy to your best knitwear as you tentatively start donning extra layers, and gradually more substantial footwear. Autumn is coming and like any boy scout it’s best to be prepared. 

If you’ve got any sense (or you’re slighly obsessive) you’ll have vacuum packed your best knits neatly under the bed or up in the loft. We’re guessing that probably doesn’t apply to most of you though and as such, we thought it’d be a good time to show off about one of our favourite items of knitwear so far this season.  

In amongst the plethora of superb fairisle that has arrived here at Thomas Street, the unassuming Svensson Cloud Cashmere knit slipped in almost unnoticed. 

Based in the southern Swedish city of Malmö, Svensson began in 2002, initially putting together a magazine. Their ambitions stretched beyond print though, and within 3 years they had opened a shop and began their own clothing line.

Their Cloud Cashmere knit is our favourite item, we had them in this time last year and they proved to be a hit. Maybe it’s something to do with the wavy pattern they boast, it’s enough to send a glass eye crosseyed. Look at one and you’ll see what we mean, go on look at it. 


And what better way to fend off potential muggers than a magic eye jumper? 

They also work as a means to convince friends they can no longer handle their drink. 

“Your jumper is sending my eyes funny”

“What you on about, it’s a t-shirt this, how many have you had?”

The Svensson Cloud Cashmere Knit is available in four colours, check them out.