Oi Polloi

Weekly E-Mither

Published: Thu Sep 01 2011

Which topical subject can we shoe-horn into this week’s newsletter? We always talk about the changable weather don’t we? This week would be a good time to do that with everyone moaning about having to get the knitwear out. When it comes to wrapping up warm the likes of Norse Projects and Oliver Spencer have already put down a marker. Our collaboration with Norse in particular is worth a little look. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. It’s not time to turn the heating up yet. Instead we’re turning the ‘dead nice clothes’ dial right up to eleven, with Stone Island, Fred Perry and Woolrich all coming up trumps this week.

The Fred Perry story is a familiar one. Local lad done good, played tennis better than any Brit before or since (“Come on Tim!”), got friendly with Hollywood ladies, lived the life. The clothing range that bears his name has outlasted him and is showing no signs of letting up either. Building on the platform of their pioneering polo, they produce some of the most popular shirts and jackets we sell here at OP. This week saw the arrival of an impressive range of hooded outerwear, right on cue for the start of autumn.

A contemporary classic, Stone Island started out in the early 80s when Massimo Osti fancied doing something slightly different to his normal CP Company range. In fact, you knew that didn’t you? We’ll not patronise you. People into Stone Island tend to know the score when it comes to the brand. Despite Osti leaving this earth 6 years ago, the brand remains super faithful to what he created. With an archive of over 5000 garments and the expert eye of Carlo Rivetti steering the ship, Stone Island continue to made top quality informally posh clothing.

It might be all about the here and now but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan ahead, or in the case of the arctic cap from Woolrich, plan a head. Sorry, that was bad. This is ideal bonce-wear for Bonfire Night and beyond and will prevent your ears from turning bluer than a Bernard Manning gag. It’s not just a head-warmer, but also a head-turner. Woolrich have been making outerwear since Adam and Eve were at playschool, so their Big Game Hunting jacket is predictably brilliant.