Oi Polloi

New Beams Plus

Published: Wed Aug 17 2011

During our trip to Japan back in early March of this year we saw some cracking stuff, some of which we’ll be stocking in the coming weeks. The initial pull though, was the chance to inspect a brand called Beams Plus.

We had become aware of it a good while previously but it had never been available in our part of the world. This season represents the first time it has been available to the UK.

So what’s it all about? Well, everything. Everything good anyway.

Blending pretty much all of our favourite points of reference, Beams Plus takes influence from work, sports, military, American traditional, Harris tweed, 60/40 cloth, Shetland wool, tartan…you get the idea. Mixing these elements and coming up with something great isn’t easy though, and this is where Beam Plus excels.

Initially set up as a small store in Harajuku, Tokyo, Beams have been doing their thing in 176. Now in 2011 they’re one of the most influential brands in the world. They have branched out into many fields beyond clothing, such as cafes, interior design, music and art. Each of these runs along the same original theme.

In 1999 the Beams Plus range set out to bring back the style of the American good old days. Their task was to create clothing that could be worn for a long time, getting better with age and remaining timeless. They do this by fusing deep knowledge and history with a contemporary interpretation.

Autumn/Winter represents our first season stocking Beams Plus but if it goes down as well as we’re expecting, it’ll be around for years to come.

To see the full range, head to the Beam Plus page.