Oi Polloi

Loose Fit

Published: Fri Jul 08 2011

Been meaning to mention Loose Fit for a bit now, purveyors of low-slung, chuggy tunes with ‘proper songs’ woven in for good measure. A production duo of one time northern ne’er do wells turned London lounge lizards, Loose Fit claim to be “the funniest, most talented and best looking people at the party”. Blimey. The last bit might be true – but only due to the regular Pendolino services back to Oi Polloi.

Adopted-cockney snipes aside, their forthcoming release on Join The Dots, (the Table Beggar / Magnetise EP) is really bloody good. As is the video from Abbie Stephens, posted above. Why an old dude having a wash? We’re not sure, but If you know anything about stop-frame animation, you’ll know a lot of work went into it. A right old labour of love we’d say.

Admirers of craft should catch the ‘making of’ video.