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Published: Wed Jul 06 2011

We’re still smack bang in the middle of buying season, we don’t know if we’re coming or going. One day we’re in Manchester, the next we’re down in the capital looking at nice clothes for next year. This comes on the back of jaunts to Japan, Italy and France already this year. The airmiles are totting up.

With London fresh in our minds though, it’s only right we should mention Albam. We’re still pretty chuffed to be the only stockist of the brand outside of the capital and thought we’d bring your attention to the mixture of stuff we’ve got available. Indigo and Sage sounds like a posh bar you might get a nice Sunday roast from, Teal and Raspberry sounds like a zingy flavour of yoghurt and Blue End on End sounds vaguely rude. But none of the aforementioned three are what they sound like, they’re the colours we have available in the Albam Laurence shirt. It’s all about the attention to detail, the buttons, stitching and cut of the collar.

The Laurence shirt encapsulates everything we like about the brand. If you prefer long sleeved shirts, your timing is impeccable though you’ll need to be quick. We have two styles in our sale in limited sizes, the Ring Snap shirt and the Japanese workwear shirt. In terms of legwear (as if anyone actually says ‘legwear’) we have the brilliant worker pant, jeans in both regular and straight leg plus the taper chino in both charcoal (ideal for barbecues) and plum (ideal for picnics).

So now we’ve given you the lowdown on one of our favourite new(ish) British brands how about we talk a little about one of the oldest? Clarks was set up by Quaker brothers James and Cyrus Clark in 1825, making comfy slippers and sheepskin rugs. Their first shoe (well, slipper) was called the Brown Peter. They would use outworkers in the local village and helped build a large community around their business. Still in majority ownership of the Clarks family, the Originals range now taps into the classic models the brand has made over the years. The recent passing of Nathan Clark, the originator of the Desert Boot brought the brand into focus for us once again. It’s a staple brand for us and has been for many years, indeed it was a mutual appreciation for deadstock Wallabee Weavers that saw our owners set up Oi Polloi. These days we have a stockroom full of Clarks in various shapes and sizes. The recent relaunch of the Desert Rain saw them sell out in the space of hours. Watch this space for a restock. In addition, models like the Desert Khan, Ashcott and the aforementioned Weaver and Desert Boots are timeless and if you’re into suede shoes it’s a fair bet you’ve got some of the above.

When we launched our new website last November, we introduced the new Deck Out series. We didn’t expect people to buzz off it so much, but it has proved to be a popular addition. As we approach the 100th Deck Out we thought we’d use this weeks to show you some of the great bits and pieces you can still pick up in our sale.

Everyone knows a bargain hunter don’t they? David Dickinson’s got nothing on this chap though. His entire existence revolves around getting owt for nowt and as you can see by his clobber, he’s pretty damn good at it. If he’s trekking to some far flung flea market he’s rummaging around in a selvedge..sorry salvage yard. Naturally, when he saw the Oi Polloi sale had picked up pace he was camping outside the shop ready for the bargains. Naturally, once inside he couldn’t help but splash out all that money he’d been saving up. This is the result, what a Bobby Dazzler.

Other new additions this week come from Belstaff and Ralph Lauren. The Belstaff Sammy Miller jacket is named after the legendary motorcycle racer who hails from Belfast. And the Ralph stuff is just Ralph, we’re almost fed up of hearing ourselves talk well about Ralph Lauren but we just can’t help it. Also new this week are deliveries from Andersons, Clarks, Brutus and 12 new colours in those old favourites Burlingtons.