Oi Polloi

Out with the Old - Football Stadia Part 2

Published: Wed Jul 06 2011

A few weeks back I stuck something up on the blog about how old football grounds were better, because they are aren’t they? I expected at least a little opposition or constructive criticism but there was nothing. It seems the discerning Oi Polloi customer occupies a similar wavelength to me. Nice one.

Nothing is ever black and white though.

There are many shades of grey, including when talking about the places we watch football. I still reckon the vast majority of new football stadiums in the UK are ill-conceived, characterless and poorly designed. Oh and boring as hell. No amount of cheerleaders or legroom can convince me otherwise.

If you cast the net wider than these shores though, there are a few new gaffs that are pretty smart. I thought it was a good time to show I’m not some old-before-his-time moaner (even though I am) and look forwards rather than backwards.

How many of these can you name?