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Campfire Songs by Native Craftworks

Published: Mon Jul 04 2011

After being stuck on pause for a little while, our Monday Mixtape series is back – this time round on Mixcloud.com

This latest entry comes courtesy of Danny from Native Craftworks. When Danny’s not crafting some of the best contemporary-classic footwear known to man, he can be found putting together bloody good mixtapes for your listening enjoyment, like this one… we’ll let him explain:

“The mix is based on a tape I made about 15 years ago for a summer camping trip down to Cornwall. All the tracks bring back good memories. ‘Riverside’ makes me think of driving down country lanes in the hot sun… I can still taste late morning bangers and beans when I hear ‘Sunlight’ and I still get warm, smoky, early evening campfire smells when ‘River’ is playing. The mix has a bit of a soulful folky feel, mostly acoustic, mostly laid back… hope you like it.”

Mixtape download

America – Riverside

Hard Meat – Free Wheel

Major Arcana – Steal Your Love Back Home

Circus Maximus – Wind

Batteaux – Tell Her She’s Lovely

Bobby Welch – Yellow River

Propinquity – Binghamton

Pentangle – I Saw An Angel

Dave Ellis – I Have Been Amazed

Rare Earth – Love Shines Down

Savoy Brown – Stay While The Night Is Young

The Youngbloods – Sunlight

Feminine Complex – The Warmth Of Your Smile

Gary Higgins – It Didn’t Take Too Long

Spiritwood – Encore Please

Ellen Mcilwaine – Underground River

Gary Marks – We Free

Mark-Almond – The City

Terry Reid – River

Frankie Beverly’s Raw Soul – While I’m alone

Heron – Car Crash