Oi Polloi

Free Wales Harmony

Published: Fri Jun 17 2011

Andy Votel, Finders Keepers founder and friend of O.P, is making his BBC debut next week. It’s a radio documentary about Welsh language pop and the true story behind Jimi Hendrix’s death! We’ll let him explain… 

“I’m excited (and slightly nervous) to announce that BBC Radio 4 will be broadcasting a new documentary that I have made (with my mate James Hale) next Tuesday, June 21st at 1.30pm (UK time).

Free Wales Harmony is about the seldom shared story of the invention and radical rise of Welsh language pop music through the 60s, 70s and 80s documenting the profound political impact it had on British politics and the preservation and protection of an endangered language via independent pop pressings.

I did loads of dream interviews with my latter-day Welsh pop heroes and even scored an insane exclusive story about the true story behind Jimi Hendrix’s death as unravelled by Meic Stevens!

I’m really chuffed that the likes of the BBC are starting to cover these lost pop artifacts and what some might call ‘outsider’ art. This programme also attempts to tackle some strong and sensitive issues as well as stressing the importance of the vital and creative voice of an entire British race and country… I would love to bring more stuff like this to the wider public arena (the list is endless).

It would great if you could find the time to tune in.”

Andy Votel