Oi Polloi

The Day for Dapper Dads this Sunday

Published: Wed Jun 15 2011

There are certain days in the year that creep up and catch you unawares, the type of days that leave you scrambling to the all night garage for a really bad gift and a dog eared card. Unless you’re super organised, Father’s Day is one of those days.
Luckily for the flakey ones amongst you, we’ve decided to provide a timely reminder that the annual time to show your Dad you think he’s sound is nearly upon us. Father’s Day is this Sunday, the 19th so if you’re looking for something to say “Nice one Dad”, look no further than our accessories section. Within it are numerous top items for even the meanest budget and the coolest Dad. And if you fancy something different card-wise we still have limited stocks left in our Icons Cards range.

If you’re after some inspiration for a gift, the perennial favourite is of course a pair of socks. You’ve caught us at a good time because we’ve knocked a few quid off some lines. You might even want to treat yourself while you’re at it?

If something a bit posh is on your agenda though, how about one of these washbags from Italian brand Calabrese? We have several colours and added the shaving kit for effect … you get the idea though yeah? Taking things a step further, Calabrese also do some excellent bags for a weekend or even a week away. The Lipari bag in particular is a cracker, in fact if we wanted to make you cringe we’d call it the Daddy of all weekend bags.

If you fancy splashing out rather than splashing on, the range of wallets from Italian brand Il Bussetto is fabulous, and we never use words like fabulous, but that’s just what they are. We get a bit weird talking about leather products…we always mention the smell. But if there’s an aroma that spells ‘posh’, it’s the leather on these wallets. There are various options to choose from, but if your Dad is one of the old school who only deals in cash, the Taco coin case is brilliant. It fits neatly inside the pocket of your jeans, unobtrusive but protecting the jangling coins and neatly folded/screwed up paper within.

Take a few minutes to browse the entire section and we reckon you’ll find something that fits the bill. If on the other hand you can’t decide whether to be indecisive or not, we have the perfect way to avoid that “Oh…erm…thanks…” moment on Sunday – gift vouchers.