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Shooting Arrow - An Affordable Wardrobe

Published: Tue Jun 14 2011

With so many clothing-related blogs springing up week on week, it isn’t easy to keep up. We try to do the rounds and keep abreast of what people are talking about, but sometimes something really good slips through our net.

These images from a blog called An Affordable Wardrobe were brought to our attention recently. They feature a rarely seen insight into the inner workings of the Arrow Moccasin factory in Hudson, Massachusetts. As the sole (no pun intended) stockist of Arrow in the UK, we buzzed off seeing these pics a fair bit, so we thought it only right to share them.

Arrow Moccasins have been around since 1965. The company was founded by a guy called Ron Ouellette and his son Paul continues the family tradition to this day.

To see more of these great pictures, get yourself over to An Affordable Wardrobe. Quite apart from this top feature there’s plenty of other stuff for you to get lost in. Tell them OiPolloi sent you.