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Top of the glass - Ray-Ban, Han, Persol and Sunpocket

Published: Thu Apr 28 2011

With everyone seemingly about to dive headfirst into another (mostly) sunny four day weekend, we thought it’d be a good time to introduce you to some of our favourite sunglasses. The weather forecast is pretty decent so what better way to relax than to don your shades and make for the coast?

We’ll start with Ray-Ban. How could we not? It’s a brand popularised by pretty much every cool person you’ve ever heard of, plus Rick Astley. He wrote “Never gonna give you up” about his Wayfarers, probably. Joking apart though, from a young Tom Cruise’s Wayfarers in Risky Business to Jason Patric’s Clubmasters in Lost Boys they were the thing to be seen in during the 80s and beyond…Our very own Tim Roth rocked a pair of Clubmasters as Mr Orange in Reservoir Dogs in ’92.

But their history stretches further back to the elder statesmen of Hollywood. Jack Nicholson in particular seems to rotate between the two most prominent Ray-Ban models. When you’ve had as many heavy nights as Jack, a pair of Wayfarers can come in handy. Unsurprisingly, JFK liked a pair of Ray-Bans too and Hunter S. Thompson wore the Outdoorsman model, featuring the ‘brow bar’. Those two didn’t have much in common but together they probably best illustrate the iconic 1960s appeal of a pair of Ray-Ban.

How have we got this far talking about sunglasses and cool people without mentioning Steve McQueen? Well, he’s always preferred a pair of Persol, that’s why. The 2989S model is up there with the best we stock but in truth they’re all great. The 0714 model folds up and that’s probably the added appeal that cemented Mr McQueen’s appreciation.

If you like the idea of some folding sun-specs but are worried you may lose them in a beach/alldayer type situation, fear not. Sunpocket were popular in the 1970s and 1980’s but have been brought back recently via Scandinavia. Priced at a very affordable £45, they’re great holiday sunglasses, durable and therefore perfect for the beach or the bar.

Staying in Scandinavia, well Denmark, the Han Kjobenhavn Wolfgang model represents a totally different look but just as cool. Their Timeless model ain’t too shabby either.

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