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Antony Crook - The Land

Published: Wed Apr 27 2011

Regular readers (or should that be viewers?) will know the name Antony Crook by now… local lad / not too shabby with a camera? Yes, that’s the one Sir. We say local lad, but he’s now residing in New York, where a series of his photographs are being exhibited this week at the Nepenthes store. Antony describes them in typically low-key style as “landscapes from The Motherland and various other places” which suggests nothing of the beauty (we don’t use that word lightly, kids) contained in the images.

Running alongside the show is a pop-up shop from Woolrich Woolen Mills‘ new bossman – Mark McNairy, who will be showcasing items from his New Amsterdam collection.

The opening party kicks off tomorrow (Thursday April 28th) at 19:00. There’s no pest-list and Antony’s assures us “their parties are always belters”. Sounds good eh? Presumably there’ll be something stronger to sup than Cheerwine?

The show runs until the end of June – so If you happen to be in NY anytime soon we suggest you go check it out.

(images below are of the Mark McNairy pop-up shop)