Oi Polloi

The Monday Mixtape #16 - Good Colours by Neil Diablo

Published: Mon Apr 11 2011

Since 2003, El Diablo’s Social Club has been a source of disco deviance for Manchester’s open-minded. Dodgy boozers, derelict grocery shops and canal barges have all played host to EDSC parties. Soaked in cosmic, disco, balearic, italo, house and techno, with detours into anything else suitable for your dancing feet. An impressive array of international guests have featured over the years, but – as is true of any party of note, it’s the ever-reliable residents who’ve cemented the nights reputation.

With that in mind, April 11th’s Monday Mixtape is the work of EDSC resident, and promoter, Neil Diablo… vinyl junkies who score on Manchester’s Oldham St. may also recognise Neil from behind the counter at Piccadilly Records. Piccadilly being one of the last bastions of bloody good, decent sized, independent record shops in our fair city.

Trivia aside, the mix itself is a loose concoction, with a welcome bias toward Balearic / synth-y stuff. The ‘good colours’ title? A comment uttered to Neil from OiPolloi co-owner Nigel Lawson. Seems he’s good at matching stuff other than tunes from time to time.

Emerson Lake and Palmer – From the beginning

Steve Moore – Feel the difference

Kim Carnes – Draw of the Cards

Synthesizers Unlimited – Funky dromedary

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Plastic Bamboo

Eurythmics – I did it just the same

Weather Report – River People

Wally Badarou – Mambo

Tilio de Posipco – Stop Bajon (instrumental)

Can – Hunters and Collectors

Tame Impala – Sundown Syndrome

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Round and Round