Oi Polloi

Through The Magpie Eye

Published: Thu Mar 24 2011

For our latest foray into internet thievery we’ve pinched some ace images off The Selvedge Yard

“Daytona Beach during the Golden age of the ’70s & ’80s.  Before Bike Week became  some three-ring commercialized circus of fake boobs on a stick, there were riders and vanners of a kindred spirit who came to hang out, party on the beach, chill.  They did it outta love instead of the hype.  And the boobs were real, man.  Kinda makes you wanna take it by force from the corporate pricks, and get back to what made it great in the first place– brotherhood, escaping the grind of the rat race, and finding a little soul on the road.” – The Selvedge Yard

For more images from this set head over to The Selvedge Yard.