Oi Polloi

Weekly Clobber Waffle

Published: Thu Mar 24 2011

We’re right in the thick of it now, at the business end of things, the balloon has gone up and it’s time to talk turkey. What are we going on about? Well, what we’re trying to say in our own gibberish way is the bulk of our bestest brands are here and we’re spoilt for choice on which ones to gob off about. Through the door marked “Ace new deliveries” this week came Albam, APC, Hill-side, Belstaff, Svensson, Lacoste, Post Overalls, Havaianas, Sperry, Fred Perry Laurel and Gitman Brothers. There’s even been a top up on Penfield. Oh and the ever popular Sanders even sneaked in the back door without even knocking.
Albam started from a small office in Nottingham with just a seven piece collection. They’ve since grown into something of a monster, albeit a dead smart, understated monster that makes nice clothes. Sorry, we’re talking daft again. This week it’s Windbreakers (in three colours) priced at a very reasonable £99, plus two different styles of shirt (both ace), a restock on some of their jeans and crew neck sweatshirts. We’re still the only stockist of Albam outside of Albam themselves too. Not bad eh?

Next up it’s APC, the second in line to this week’s throne. Two parkas which are typical of their stylish stuff stand out, but perhaps not quite as much as the seersucker suit jacket. Allied to some uncommonly sunny weather today, it’s like Miami has come to Manchester. All of the jackets have the usual timeless APC quality we’ve come to be familiar with. But it’s not all about the jackets though, we’ve got some rather attractive short sleeved shirts too.

And finally, it’s the turn of Post O’alls and the Godfather of workwear Takeshi Ohfuchi. He was doing this stuff ages ago, before the dinosaurs were roaming the earth, probably. You have to see it to believe it and even then you’d be well advised to cop a feel just because it’s so good. It’s genuine workwear quality. This week we have some real summer weight jackets in two styles plus a vest and two brilliant shirts which are amongst the best we’ve seen this season.