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Mac to the Future : Archive images from Mighty-Mac

Published: Thu Mar 17 2011

Get a load of this. The new Boat Parka from Mighty-Mac has had us all swooning this week.

It’s a bit different to a lot of the reworkings we’ve seen over the last few years, not only because of the clever bag combo option on the back, but also because it has a distinct old style feel to it. The fabric, the branding, the details and the general ‘made to last’ feel about it has impressed us all.

It’s another brand that has had new life breathed into it by the people who brought us Rocky Mountain Featherbed. They’re a Japanese organisation that seems to enjoy rooting about in the archives of Americana and faithfully bringing back stuff from ages ago that deserves our appreciation once again. We’re happy to spread the word anyway.

The images below actually come from a reproduction of their lookbook that is also pretty vintage in it’s feel. The illustrations are by a chap called Hiroshi Watatani and they put us in mind of 1950’s America. Maybe it’s something Marty McFly might have chosen to put on if Hill Valley had a boating lake?

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