Oi Polloi

Daiki presents: The Dynamic Duo

Published: Thu Mar 03 2011

Wow. Just… wow. Forgive us, we’re almost speechless. Avid readers of this weekly e-mither will know us being speechless isn’t a common occurrence. We’re always going off on one, usually with good reason, it has to be said. But this week’s full-on assault of excellent clothing and apparel has found even the gobbiest amongst us reduced to muttering about how they “Just can’t take it all in”. 
Even in the corner of the office, the resident stoic Frenchman has been uncharacteristically animated and off his food.
But it’s understandable when you’ve got a week where Daiki’s dynamic duo are about to be joined by sizable hits from Heritage Research, Yuketen, Our Legacy, GRP, Folk…we could go on. We’d better just get this newsletter written before we collapse into a big bowl of barely touched pedigree chum, crying about clothes. Again.

Woolen Mills by Woolrich (or WWM as we’ve taken to affectionately calling it) is about to enter it’s second phase. We’ve seen some of the Autumn/Winter stuff from the incoming Mr McNairy and it’s impressive but before we get bogged down in the future, it’s time to talk of the past and present. And it’s a bit of a present we’ve got for you because the last season for Daiki is probably his best. What we’ve come to expect but honed to perfection is a good way to describe it.

Fear not though, Daiki’s own Engineered Garments goes from strength to strength. There’s lots of pure class in this season’s collection. For those of you who like the tried and tested items like the Upland BD shirt or the parkas there’s plenty to go at and all as great as usual. In addition we have some very nice short sleeved popover shirts plus shorts and bucket hats to complete your summertime outfit. The Work Shirt is great too and comes in several colours.

The trio of Japanese/American hybrid brands this week is completed by Yuketen. Yuki Matsuda is the driving force behind the brand as it continues to raise the bar, producing best casual footwear known to man. The Angler Mocc in peanut and the Country Ranger are what we have…On inspecting these before we wrote about them, one of the chaps in the office just looked at them for a brief moment and went “They’re just a thing of beauty aren’t they?”. He was right.