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David Keyte used to be a miner - did you know that?

Published: Wed Feb 23 2011

Norse Projects is riding the crest of a Scandinavian wave right now. Their spring/summer stuff is particularly strong with plenty of outdoor clothes to wear when the rain stops and the sun starts to shine. While we’re waiting for the temperature to warm up a little though, the Elka raincoat is ideal and available in navy and also in a yellow/navy mix (above).

Also standing out this week is their safari shirt in green (above left) and navy. It’s a heavy cotton number with lots of ace details and should serve you well as an overshirt in summer and something more substantial when the aforementioned yellow thing in the sky is in a bad mood.

An increasingly firm favourite here at OiPolloi is former miner David Keyte’s Universal Works. Having cut his teeth (and probably his hands) down the pit in his younger days he now designs beauties like the Scout Anorak (above left), a jacket which exudes (yes, we did just say exudes) everything that is good about Universal Works. Nothing too giddy or showy-off but a quality that is clearly apparent to the wearer. Lots of understated character and above all else a great jacket for this time of year. We’re now almost at full strength with spring/summer Universal Works so there’s far too much greatness in amongst it to go into. The Bakers Jacket stands out though, and the Fell Jacket from a few weeks back is selling very well. Get it before it’s gone.

We also just had a delivery of from our old pal Oliver Spencer. With more stock due to arrive in the coming weeks, this time around it’s a mixture of t-shirts, a polo shirt and the impressive Portland Jacket (above left). Made in England from 100% cotton, it’s the perfect summer jacket for those of you who like dressing up a bit rather than down. It’s not mega posh though, and casual enough to adapt to most situations. Check out the pics and you’ll immediately get what we’re saying. The t-shirts and polo represent and reassuringly familiar theme for this year..stripes. Have you done enough to earn yours? Stripes we mean… Oops, we’re supposed to be cutting down on the puns. Never mind, that one can slip through the net. We don’t mind because the button down polo shirt is so nice, and the t-shirts in navy/multi and cream/multi are spot on as you all turn your attention to updating your holiday wardrobe.
Where to begin with the rest?

Well how about the new kid on the block we mentioned? Common People (above) puts us in mind of a certain song in the 90’s but the shoes themselves are a mix up of contemporary aesthetics mixed with the tried and tested fabrics and shapes we’ve come to appreciate since well before Jarvis sang about taking girls to supermarkets. Made from top quality leathers and suedes, they’re well worth a look. In addition, the way they name their shoes is a walk right up our street, with the likes of Steve McQueen, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young referenced.
There’s also new footwear from the ever reliable Converse and Pointer.
Next on the list, how about the first knockings of Penfield‘s spring/summer offering? As ever, it’s all excellent value and it sells well for a reason. The South Bridge Tee comes with a chest pocket and is available in White and Grey Marl. We’ve even got a Logo Tee plus some blue Oxford Selford Shorts. Going up a notch, the Blanford Shawl Sweat features our ever faithful favourite crushed minstrel buttons while the Orleans Hooded Sweat and the Campbell Hooded Shirt offer you the chance to keep your head warm and dry. Or both.
Adding weight to this weeks newsletter are brands like APC, CP Company, Fjallraven and YMC, Folk.  In fact you name it, we’ve probably got it.
You’re spoilt for choice now aren’t you? We know the feeling.
Stay tuned for next week when it promises to be just as mindblowing.