Oi Polloi

Through The Magpie Eye

Published: Tue Feb 08 2011

Through The Magpie Eye – our infrequent foray into internet thievery… just like mischievous magpies, if something takes our fancy – we snatch it up like winged pirates, swooping back to nest and hoard. Which is a slightly overblown way of saying; we read other blogs and nick their content… Talent borrows, genius steals. Although, to be honest, the good folk at Cold Splinters were dead kind, and let us take this. We’ve always been big fans of 60s/70s American outdoors stuff here at OiPolloi. We’ve not seen ‘High, Wild & Free’ – the poster is very cool though. We’ll let the Cold Splinters crew tell you more…

In the late sixties and early to mid seventies, Gordon Eastman, an outdoor photographer, made a couple of films titled High, Wild & Free and The Savage Wild. Eastman starred in, filmed, photographed, directed, produced and wrote the score for both films. They were first shown exclusively in the theater, but were eventually leaked to TV (in the US) in the late seventies as “nature programming”. The Savage Wild is a tale about Eastman raising a litter of wild wolf pups from infancy, followed at every turn by the wolf hunters, Redbeard and his little chronie. High, Wild & Free was referred by somebody on Netflix as being “to hunting what Endless Summer is to surfing”.

Unfortunately Netflix is a US only service, and we couldn’t find either film elsewhere. Happy hunting kids – if anyone finds ‘owt let us know, will youse?