Oi Polloi

The Monday Mixtape #10 by Kelvin Brown

Published: Mon Feb 07 2011

Kelvin Brown of Eyes Down / Electric Chair fame supplies this week’s Monday Mixtape. Eclectic, as ever, all four corners of the record shop are covered … with no real theme… just Kelvin’s usual attention deficit disorder when it comes to music. “Hit record, play records, hit stop” was his answer when we asked for a description, and added that he’d “stuck to my usual tradition of naming it after a record that’s not actually on it” i.e. ‘Internal Empires’ the Robert Hood classic. Enjoy.

1. Night Of The Hunter OST ‘Pearl’s Dream’

2. Performance OST ‘Performance’

3. Fear Itself ‘Underground River’

4. Captain Beefheart ‘Party of Special Things to Do’

5. O Som De L.C.V ‘Tangancia’

6. Orchestre Picoby-Band ‘Jo Ahi Nou Se’

7. Orch. Conga International ‘Moninga Oboyi Ngai’

8. Martin Circus ‘Je M’Eclate Au Senegal’

9. Aphrodites Child ‘Funky Mary’

10. Resonance ‘Yellow Train’

11. Esplendor ‘Geometrico ‘Moscu Esta Helado’

12. African Head Charge ‘In a Trap’

13. Light Of Saba ‘Words of Wisdom’

14. Jackie Mittoo ‘Ayattolah’

15. Tonto’s Expanding Head Band ‘Jetsex’

16. Suicide ‘Sister Ray’

17. Flora Purim ‘Open Your Eyes’

18. Moska ‘Tilt Shift’

19. Phase II ‘The Roxy’

20. Sheila E ‘A Love Bizarre’

21. Jerry Green ‘I Finally Found The Love I Need’

22. Joe R.Lewis ‘Love Mystery’

23. Julie Driscoll Brian Auger & The Trinity ‘Let the Sunshine In’

24. Max Roach ‘Members Don’t Get Weary’

25. Mark Murphy ‘Sly’

26. Sun Ra ‘Pharoah’s Den’

27. Sun Ra ‘Outerspaceways Inc.’