Oi Polloi

UH-OH... ace clobber overload

Published: Wed Feb 02 2011

In amongst all the well established goodies we’ve even taken onboard there are a couple of exciting new brands for us. Epperson Mountaineering make some really hard wearing backpacks from their workshop in Montana. They come in some ace colours and for a very decent price too. We also have some very nice summer gear from a Canadian brand called Burkman Brothers. Like we said, it’s all go this week. In fact we’d better crack on with telling you more hadn’t we?

We’ll start with some new stuff from an old favourite, YMC. We’ve out-punned ourselves on this brand, with our “How about some YMC-eh?” type chatter a few months back so we’ll just concentrate on how great their collection is. With a raft of top stuff it’s not something we find difficult. A double breasted parka type affair stands out plus all the other smartness you’d expect, including sweats, shirts, shorts, shoes. Everything you want in a brand, plus a little bit more.

Perhaps the biggest name this week is Nigel Cabourn. The Surface and Aircraft jackets we have are a nice change from the heavy duty autumn/winter outerwear, and capture a bit of summer spirit perfectly. When these were being photographed it was remarked they were like something a legoland gardener would wear. How great is that? Striking, strong colours but with all the top quality and functional aspects we’ve all come to expect from Cabourn.

The three amigos this week are completed by one of the best new brands we’ve seen in ages – Burkman Brothers. It’s the brainchild of Doug and Ben Burkman, a pair of Canadian brothers who started out designing clothes to pay for their own wardrobes. After cutting their teeth and learning the business with one of the largest clothing retailers in the world, they have launched their own eponymous label, declaring “If I wouldn’t wear it, I wouldn’t make it”.