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The Blog from Oi Polloi presents: by Eoin MacManus •

It was my birthday the other day, and I was lucky enough to get two homemade cards… an interest in collecting reggae music and a motley crew of, mickey-taking, graphic designer friends both being evident (the inside of the Rodigan card is inscribed “there’s nothing wrong with getting an erection over next man’s selection”).

The card above on the right features artwork from famed Jamaican illustrator – Limonious, who know’s a thing or two about selections… and errrm… erections. Know nothing of the names Rodigan and Limomious? Then let us have a little look at some of their oeuvre (yes, oeuvre).

Let’s start with Rodi. What can I say… Just watch. And learn… I don’t love him, but he is bloody good.

Special request to all Kangol fan… bear with this one it’s genius.

Now for Limomious… prolific album artist… bit of a perv. Could be Yard’s answer to Robert Crumb.

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