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Brands We Buzz Off

Published: Wed Jan 26 2011

We’ve been off hunting again over the last week, with plenty of exciting things planned for later this year. France was our destination this time although we saw brands from all over the world. Suffice to say we were impressed and we reckon you will be too.

Meanwhile back in the current season, the stock for Spring/Summer is gradually starting to arrive in bigger and bigger quantities. It’s getting us slightly giddy, trying stuff on and planning our own little wardrobe additions. No doubt you’ll do the same when we’ve unleashed it all on you. Things begin in earnest about now and this week is a nice way to kick off yet another strong season for so many of the brands we buzz off. Shall we start with Our Legacy? Yes, let’s…

Our Legacy is a Swedish brand that seems to get better and better each season. Our offerings this week include possibly the best sweatshirt you’ll see this year. It looks like the kind of thing an affluent yacht owner may wear while tucking into a croque-monsieur in a harbour cafe somewhere in the south of France. That could just be our over-active imagination talking though, as it’s something you could wear anywhere, whether it be on a night out or in the office on dress down day. There’s also a distinct preppy influence too.

It’s not just about these great sweatshirts though, we have some of their classic chinos in blueberry. That sounds like a clever way of saying navy blue but check them out, they really are blueberry. You’d be hard pushed to find a pair of everyday chinos as good as this. And to round things off, we’ve got Our Legacy t-shirts in ingido and grey marl. It says a lot about the high regard we hold Our Legacy in when they’ve stolen the show this week, despite characteristically strong opposition from long established names like Ralph Lauren and Barbour.
In fact, that leads us quite nicely onto the former. While we’re talking about a bit of preppy, term time outfitting then it’s only right we include Ralph Lauren, probably the biggest name in such circles and rightly so. Some of you may be looking ahead to holiday time…sorry vacation time. We have Ralph Lauren shorts, t-shirts and shirts that come in greens, reds and some summertime blues. A few very fresh looking designs in there too.

Are you daring enough? Of course you are. Go on, push the envelope, or whatever it is they say across the pond. 

If you’re in need of some luxury in your life (who isn’t?) then look no further than a bit of Japanese Barbour designed by To Ki To. There are three new jackets this week….Well, two jackets and the Motorbike shirt which is pretty much a jacket anyway. All of them come from the extra special Beacon Range and between the three of them cover all bases you’d expect Barbour to consider. They’re all made using posh technical fabrics and won’t be around for long.
To round things off nicely, we’ve followed up with the paninaro theme on the blog last week with some timeless socks from Burlington. A choice of 8 designs should be enough for even the fussiest footwear fan.
Deliveries are picking up pace anyway, in fact we’ve just had another couple today. You’ll have to wait until next week to find out what they are though.

Until then.
Oi Polloi